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My production team produced a sales approach for you and did the first of many voicemail recordings for your Crowd Pushes.  We can start sending you leads Monday.


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The benefits of Call Our App.

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Call Our App with Crowd Push is the way you solve your lead generation for the short AND the long term.

Call Our App is a callable application that is a part of a call based lead generation system.

Think NEXT Level Auto-dailing and Cold Calling with Pre-Selling

We have a database of 85 BILLON records in the U.S. and Canada of mixed type businesses and consumers.  We augment that lead flow with digital ad purchases on Google and Social media as well as callable SEO sites that WE own and maintain.

Using this triple approach you get hot calls from consumers and businesses that are searching for your service right now AND those warm leads that are in discovery of a paving problem.

Our software pushes hundreds of voice mails per day on your behalf to office VOIP systems and mobile phones without disturbing the user and remains TCPA, CTIA and MMA compliant.

This is the best way to handle lead generation and conversion because it is a totally integrated and a callable system not a single product.  You are in control and can use all the parts or just the parts you want.

We keep your phone ringing!

We keep your risk down!

We keep you in a happy sales mood!

We also call businesses direct after hours leaving a voice mail for those we can't push direct.

Our voice mails always have an "offer" that piques the interest of the prospect and prompts them to call a "NO PERCEIVED FRICTION" App to check out the offer.  This increases your call back and call conversion rate dramatically.  You talk to people who are interested AND have started to know like and trust your company.

If the prospect calls from a paid ad or one of our SEO sites, they get a different pre-sell message AND quickly are transferred to you.

When they call no matter how they discovered the number. Call Our App goes to work for you!

The system simply sends you exclusive targeted leads, then guides the lead to an app with a special offer to help pre-qualify and pre-sell.  You never loose the lead.  There is a clustering of activities as soon as the first ring happens.

In REAL TIME the lead is also sent to your mobile phone via text during the pre-sell message while simultaneously being placed in a text marketing group (if they opt in) and a CRM for you or your team to later follow up.

After the pre-sell info message which could be as short as 20 seconds, the lead is hot call forwarded to any number of your choice.  Ideally, in the 20 second pre-sell, you would have a previous customer record a testimonial talking about how great your service is.

Lastly, while the call is being forwarded to you, our text system sends the lead ( if they opt in) a link to the app which has your deal.  You will get an alert on your phone and then can chat with them through the app to answer any questions with no friction.  Lastly, the prospect is prompted to get push notices from the app and save the app to their phone.  This one call has clustered into 4-10 prospect connection points.  I forgot to mention, the app will pixel the caller on Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube so you can buy re-targeting ads and draw them back in.

All of those calls build up into your CRM and is your DATA ASSET for you to keep forever. This data asset can be used by your company later or sold or leased by your company to others based on your own pricing REALLY EASY.

Each Call and Lead is Yours Exclusively!

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Why use the Call Our App Revenue System

OpTech LLC founder Victor Smith has helped over 5 international corporations to increase profit and reduce waste using industrial engineering concepts.

In January 2011, OpTech LLC and OpTech Marketing was established in Phoenix Arizona in order to bring the revenue generation and profit mindset of industrial engineering that was proven in a corporate setting to small to medium sized local businesses.

The purpose of OpTech LLC is to increase the revenue of small to medium sized business by hyper-focusing on digital sales and marketing and providing proprietary tools to make closing new sales easy to implement, grow, repeat...

We also have two product brands that sell to consumers.  We drink our own KOOL-aide and use our own tools and you reap the benefits.

Purpose = To OPtimize TECHnology sales and marketing efficiency.

The Call Our App Revenue System is the system and the software that delivers on our purpose for clients.

85 Billion Fresh "Callable" Leads in the U.S. and Canada

OpTech LLC is a part of a data organization that constantly purchases new leads in the United States and Canada.  We currently have 85 Billion rows of data.  This data is based on major demographic data purchases (think Info USA) that have happened over a 10 year period.  This data goes through a constant proprietary cleaning and updating process to ensure that new fresh data is consistently added and bad data is deleted.  New data is also constantly purchased and integrated into the master database for all of us in the lead data consortium.


The "NO PERCEIVED FRICTION" prospecting approach dramatically improves your call conversion rate by pre-selling and starting the Know Like and Trust Process.  You talk to people that are interested and already feel you have their best interest at heart.

Long Term Benefits

The most valuable leads you can get are the leads that already know about you.  With the call Our App Revenue System, all the leads that call the app are deposited into a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).  Also, a percentage of your leads will be subscribed to a long term automated text messaging campaign.  These leads become a VALUABLE ASSET to your long term business success.  You can get in touch with them via phone or text to close additional sales in the future.  Another powerful benefit is you can blast out a text message asking for referrals from your existing leads.

The number of leads in your CRM and text marketing list is considered and ASSET if you ever want to sell your business or seek certain types of business financing.  You should always have a "buyers" database of your own that you can demonstrate to your businesses stakeholders.

Crowd Drop Voicemail Open Rates are THROUGH THE ROOF

Two of Our First Clients

The Call Our App concept was born in Phoenix Arizona as an idea called CardJolt.  The card jolt mobile marketing system was pitched twice to angel investors and enjoyed a brief startup period in Phoenix.  The lessons we learned together with our clients regarding mobile marketing are rolled into the Call Our App Revenue Generation System.  The below two clients are the clients I consider our most innovative clients in their mobile marketing.  The Call Our App product strategy is based on their mobile marketing needs and ideas.  Over time these ideas became proven producers of leads and new revenue.

 You reap the benefits of the lessons my previous customers have learned along side us.  Avoid the pain of the trial and error in mobile marketing we experienced back in 2011 because you can benefit from those lessons starting today with the Call Our App Revenue Generation System.

This top producing real estate broker with over 20 agents was already innovative in his marketing.  He needed a mobile solution that would allow him to show as innovative and fresh when it came to marketing.  This real estate professional was the inspiration for the first version of Call Our App which stayed in service over 3 years.

DR - A Phoenix Top Producing Real Estate Broker

When we first met, this award winning dentist had opened a beautiful new office in Phoenix and wanted to grow his dental training business.  He was presenting a cutting edge branded dental procedure to dentist around the nation and at an upcoming convention in Las Vegas.  Concepts we built into his app are built into Call Our App.  We were able to have interested dentist subscribe to his app via text messages during the convention so he could follow up and close after his presentation.  His app was up about 2 years and was responsible for many high value leads via mobile.

GW - Record setting Dentist and Dental Trainer

Here are what others are saying about our founder Victor Smith

Polished Professional that Delivers Results

He Always Finds a Way to Make the Customer Satisfied...

Always willing to help others achieve their goals.

Someone I could always go to for answers....

A "Real" Personality that People Like to Work With

Visualizes and Leverages Technology as a Thought Leader

I Strongly Recommend Victor Smith

Vic Brings the Best Out In Others to Get the Job Done!

Vic Will Take Over All Your Worries ...Company in Positive Direction

Enthusiastically Shared His Process With Others

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